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February 8, 2014
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February 8, 2014

Student scholarships for higher education


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The Friends Of Bangladesh,UK (FOB) at a Glance

The Friends of Bangladesh UK, is a registered charity committed to pursue and promote self-reliance amongst poor and under privileged people mainly in Bangladesh. It also works to improve the quality of life of the deprived community through the supply of basic needs like shelter, health and education for socioeconomic advancement. The Britain based charity runs many humanitarian projects in Bangladesh to alleviate the poverty and sufferings of the needy, destitute and less fortunate people of the society.

A group dedicated British Bangladeshi professionals formed a non-political society with the name, The Friends of Bangladesh in the year 1981, which was officially registered in 1982. The inaugural meeting was held at Bangladesh centre, London and was chaired by Late Munni rahman in presence of dr. Emdadul Hoque, dr M. Motahar, Mr.nurul Alam, Mr. Ashraf Hussain, and Ms Gulnaher Khan.

As a real friend, FOB has had extended their services to the people of Bangladesh in need with food, clothing, medicine, and medical professionals, during natural calamities such as flood, tornado, tidal bore, etc. It also donates cash money directly to the victims as well as through Bangladesh High Commission in London. The forum offered reception and farewell to many dignified personalities of Bangladesh to and from Britain, when it deemed appropriate.

The efficient and effective management with strong administrative capabilities of its trustees put forward the organization with tremendous name and fame along with progress and prosperity. It now became a wellknown, well reported and well achieved professional charity in Britain, especially by the dynamic leadership of the present body of trustees under the presidency of dr. M. Abdul Awal. In the last thirty years membership has grown into hundreds and now rendering its charitable services through nine projects in Bangladesh and West Bengal.

The most ambitious and exciting project for the unfortunate women, `The Breast Cancer Awareness and diagnostic Centre` will be launching very soon in Bangladesh. Moreover, FOB is contemplating on initiating some projects in Britain, shortly for the benefit of our community. The recent` Higher Education Scholarship` project has created a great challenge in educational arena.

The charity has acquired brilliant achievements in its activities with the strength and guidance of its dignified patrons, devoted trustees and dedicated members. Our leaders who pioneered the Friends of Bangladesh with their talent, treasures and time includes dr. M Emdadul Haque, dr M Motahar, Mr nurul Alam, Mr A Salam, dr Azmal Ali, dr Mesbahuddin Ahmed, Mr. M. Ashraf Hussain, dr A.M. Fazlur rashid, dr A Majid and dr M. Abdul Awal. Our leaders also embraced unique qualities of “resilience, ingenuity, and tolerance” in formulating the policies and strategies for smooth and progressive running of the charity.

Mr Anwar Choudhury, the first and only British Bangladeshi High Commissioner of Britain in Bangladesh was a trustee and general secretary of FOB, we are boastful of his Excellency.

Our achievements are many & highly rewarding for the charity’ The Friends of Bangladesh’ We are proud of it.
Long live FOB.
Compiled by: dr Mahmudur rahman, Vice president.

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